ChatGPT Update

ChatGPT’s Mind-Blowing Update: Now Accessing Real-Time Information

OpenAI, in collaboration with Microsoft, has unveiled a groundbreaking update for ChatGPT. This update empowers the AI chatbot to access current, real-time information from the internet. Previously, ChatGPT’s knowledge was limited to data up until September 2021. Breaking Free from Time Constraints In the past, ChatGPT’s responses were constrained by its static database, leading to…

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excel formula generator

How to Generate Excel Formula using AI ?

In the domain of data analysis, the utmost importance is placed on optimizing both efficiency and precision. Excel, a venerable instrument for data manipulation, has historically played a central role. However, the development and administration of intricate formulas can often be a labor-intensive task, fraught with potential inaccuracies. This is where the innovative Excel Formula…

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Galileo holding an telescope, Galileo ai

Galileo AI: The AI Tool That Will Make You a Better Designer

In the dynamic realm of design, staying at the forefront is paramount. Designers grapple with the task of crafting cutting-edge and aesthetically captivating user interfaces, all within the constraints of demanding timelines. Galileo AI revolutionizes design by simplifying processes, saving time, and boosting creativity. Introducing the Galileo AI The Galileo AI is a game-changer in…

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